Ljubljana nightlife

We want to show you the most of what a nightlife in Ljubljana offers. Our offer includes various entertainment packages, such as pub crawls, VIP treatments in clubs or the rent of a private licensed party guide. We can offer you an amazing experience of never-ending nightlife in Ljubljana.

Pub crawl

Pub crawl

Do you want to become a local in just one night? Our pub crawl is a unique opportunity to taste the feeling of really never ending Ljubljana’s nightlife.

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Private Party Guide

Hire a party guide

The professional team of our licenced party guides will take you through the unique and lively Ljubljana’s nightlife. You and your friends won’t regret it!

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VIP Night

VIP night

Make your evening special, VIP evening. Skip the queues and enjoy the luxury and musical rhythms that Ljubljana offers in it’s best clubs.

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Stag / Hen party

Stag / Hen party

How do you want to spend your last free night of your life? You name it, Ljubljana nightlife team will make it unforgettable and crazy.

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About Ljubljana’s nightlife

The first thing you should know about Ljubljana is that it is a city that never sleeps. Nightlife in Ljubljana, where many young and »young by soul« people live and party, is always eventful and lively. The capital has around 300.000 inhabitants and many of them like to party late into the night.

During the summer many local inhabitants like to spend their time in the old city center, known as »Stara Lublana«, where you might feel the »Mediterranean« influence. Cafés, bars and pubs are open late into the night, therefore they provide a great place where you can socialize with your friends. But even after they close their doors, people like to move their party into one of Ljubljana clubs.

The advantage of Ljubljana nightlife is also that Ljubljana is a quite small city, which means that clubs are quite easy to walk to or short taxi rides distance, while most of them are located in the city center. Clubs usually get filled after the midnight and party lasts until the early morning hours. Every young or older traveler should attend a party in Ljubljana, because everyone can find a bar, a club or a pub that suits his music taste.


Book yourself a party package and gain your spot.


Ljubljana nightlife team members

Party guide Ljubljana nightlife Beni


Every team has to have the CRAZIEST ONE! He will always cover your back in Ljubljana’s bars and clubs with as many shots as possible!

Party guide Ljubljana nightlife Rozle


A real LAST MAN STANDING! He dares everyone to come and to crawl to the last bar, while he is just warming up for Ljubljana clubs.

Party guide Ljubljana nightlife Martin


After couple of years working as MC in clubs he is a real Ljubljana’s nightlife partyanimal LEVEL: EXPERT.

Party guide Ljubljana nightlife Marko


The most serious guide. Seriously he is THE MOST SERIOUS WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO DRINKING! Ljubljana’s clubs love him.

Party guide Ljubljana nightlife Špela


LADIES NIGHT! Špela is always there for another shot or club! We are very grateful to her as she always takes care about Ljubljana nighlife team!

Ljubljana nightlife team